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As far as Dutch bands are concerned, De Groot says Amsterdam's Fatal Flowers stand head and shoulders above the rest. The Flowers shot to fame recently when they were invited to Britannia Row Studios in London to make a mini album for WEA under the guidance of top American producer Craig Leon (known for his work with Blondie and The Ramones). And this after just five months gigging together.
The four-man formation of Fatal Flowers has been labelled 60s revivalist, something the band strongly resents. Guitarist Dirk Heuff, "I suppose we all (Claw Boys Claw, The Other Side, Golden Strings) consider the music of the 6Os to be our biggest inspiration, but Fatal Flowers are not out to play 'the authentic 60s sound' like say, The Other Side".
Heuff, along with the rest of the band (Richard Janssen guitar/vocals; Henk Jonkers drums; Marco Braam bass/vocals) prefers to describe their music as 'songs with guitars', the songs in question being short pop songs with a simple but infectious melody interspersed with stylish guitar solos. Janssen elaborates. "You have to draw a line between real revival bands and bands such as ourselves. There are certainly influences from the 60s in our music but the arrangements are definitely 8Os".
Fatal Flowers have been together for about a year and Janssen says they were 'discovered' by the man responsible for the music programme at Amsterdam's Cafe de Pieter, Willem van Frankenhuysen. Frankhuysen was so enthusiastic about the band after hearing them play a gig at the cafe, that he immediately sent a tape of the performance to the VPRO broadcasting company. The VPRO broadcast a half-hour recording of Fatal Flowers in May and they've not looked back since.
Fatal Flowers are playing at Pandora's Music Box at 9pm on the 12th. The Festival is on for two days (October 11 and 12) with concerts starting at about llpm and going on until 4am. Both days were sold out last year with some 4,000 people attending each night. De Doelen Complex, Schouwburgplein 50, Rotterdam (010-132490).

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