WDR Rockpalast 4 april 1990 TOURDATA


Pleasure Ground
Real Good Life
How Many Years
For Christ Sake
Second Chance
Both Ends Burning (B. Ferry)
Better Times
Some Day
Rage Out
The Dance
Speed Of Life
She's Doin' Fine
Funky Street
Nowhere To Lay My Head
Round And Round
Suffragette City (D. Bowie)
Rock 'n' Roll Star

interview na het concert voor WDR Rockpalast, 4 april 1990

Heidi: Fatal Flowers, where are you? He, yeah of course we want the whole band. Willen sie die ganze band, klar oder? That's for you!
Richard: That's for me?
Heidi: Yeah come here, be my guest. So meanwhile. Yeah just take a deep breath. Where is the rest? Hello everybody. Oke, the Fatal Flowers real rockers from Amsterdam! Listen most of the musicians that I've known, that are from the Netherlands, they're pretty extreme musicians as far as I can tell. They are very excesive.
Richard: Living life in the rock and roll way?
Heidi: Yeah, in the rock and roll lifestyle. So I was just wandering about the fact; why is everything that comes out of the Netherlands so extreme and so rough and tough and intense?
Richard: Well I guess maybe it's because the rest of Holland is very, very boring. So you have to be intense to make a living out of music.
Heidi: Yeah, but what I'm wandering is; the country is very, very small
Richard: You're wandering how much are we using, that's it.
Heidi: No. You're giging most of the time. I heard something like about a hundered gigs a year. That's right guys?
Robin, Geert & Henk: ja, ja.
Heidi: A hundered gigs a year, can you imagine. Can a musician, that comes out of the Netherlands, make a living at all?
Richard: No, it's very hard. 'Cause you can only make a living out of the gigs so we don't really make much out a gig at all. So, you don't get much money out of royalities, it's a smal country you know. It's pretty hard.
Heidi: What's the scene like there. Is it more rock and roll, blues-orientated, sixties, or the kind of stuff you are doing?
Richard: Well at the moment, I think there's all kinds of things happening. I mean, tomorrow the Urban Dance Squad is playing here, and that sort of rap and rock. And we play rock and roll. I think you know, it's like in the rest of the world. Everything is happening in Holland.
Heidi: Everything is happening in your country. Your lyrics from the new album are pretty rough and tough as well as I would say. And even when it deals with dreams, it's in a very realistic way.
Richard: Oh yeah, really
Heidi: Yeah, I think so. Who writes your lyrics?
Richard: I do.
Heidi: You do? So you're the partner I'm talking to. Is it fantasy what you write about, or is it experience?
Richard: No it's mostly about people you sort of meet in bars and on the streets in Amsterdam. And they're sort of deformed, so they won't recognize themselves in the lyrics you know.
Heidi: You . . . a good reputation internationally, that's what you really can say. But you haven't really made it to the top of the charts. Oke, let's asume a thing. Let's asume there's one guy. Desmond Childs for instance, he's the guy who wrote hits for Bon Jovi and Alice Cooper and people like that.
Richard: Oh?!
Heidi: Let's asume he comes to you and he said: "Oke guys I make you big and rich and famous, but I'm writing your songs". Would you do that?
Robin: We'll tell him to fuck off!
Richard: I couldn't have put it better.
Heidi: Say it louder!
Richard: No, we're writing our own material most of the time. And when we do other peoples material, it's because we like the songs and not because a big shot is telling us what to do with it. I mean that's how we did it the last five years ans so far we're doing it our way. And we'll keep on doing it our way, so.
Heidi: Keep on doing it, keep on going. What's got Mick Ronson, the former David Bowie mate, to do with your music?
Richard: What did he do you mean? What did he do with our music?
Heidi: Yeah
Richard: He produced it.
Heidi: He produced it. How did you get to meet him, I mean Mick Ronson. . .
Richard: Yeah, well it was a lot easier than we acctually thought. 'Cause we went to London once to do a very, very small gig somewhere. And somehowe we got hold of his phonenumber, and we gave him a call. And he showed up at the gig. We got to talk and evrything and it just happened I guess.
Heidi: As easy as that?
Richard: Yeah, it was quitte easy.
Heidi: It was great that you were here tonight playing the gig here. The people liked it, we liked it. We thank you very much for coming here and good luck for the future!

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